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 Pedley Elementary School

Home of the Roadrunners!

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Pedley Elementary is a TK-6, Title I Schoolwide school with an enrollment of 660 students. Pedley Elementary
School is student-centered, providing academic challenges, a safe environment and a creative learning
atmosphere. We recognize individual talents and develop the strengths of everyone. Honesty, acceptance,
cooperation and support empower our community to provide opportunities for all. Our students are high
achievers in their community.  We are part of the No Excuses University Network and work with students to prepare them for the 21st Century and to believe in the possibilities their future holds.
The staff of Pedley Elementary School together, with the community, aims to provide an academically rigorous
education for our students while creating a climate that reinforces our awareness and appreciation of their
heritage, their culture, and their individual self-worth. Staff and parents work collaboratively to provide a safe,
attractive, dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere for learning. Pedley School enables students to achieve at their
highest level and become successful citizens in our society by maximizing the use of all available resources,
partnering with parents, and maintaining a constant focus on achievement and improvement.
Pedley Elementary School is one of sixteen elementary schools in the Jurupa Unified School District. The District
is a unified TK-12 district encompassing 44 square miles. Pedley is located in the city of Jurupa Valley, California
and within the Riverside County. Currently, Pedley's enrollment is 660 students, transitional kindergarten
through sixth grade. The school was constructed in 1953.
Pedley is a place where: 
Roadrunners Read, Roadrunners Know, Roadrunners Learn, and Roadrunners Grow!
Pedley Elementary School will…..
P – Prepare all students to succeed by building cooperative links between home, school, and community.
E – Engage students in challenging and meaningful learning by maintaining high expectations and 
     promoting academic excellence for all students.
D – Demonstrate respect by creating and supporting an environment in which all children and adults feel
      they are an important part of the school.
L – Learn through a variety of methods and strategies that accommodate the needs of every student.
E – Encourage students in an environment where they can learn together and support each other.
Y – Yearn and aspire to build artistically, academically, physically, socially, emotionally, and technologically
      prepared students that will make a difference in today’s world.
Our mission at Pedley School is to provide students, staff, and their families with a safe, supportive, and engaging school environment in which all students reach academic and technological proficiency.